Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Passion

The Passion

Failsafe is now available. Go to
www.failsafebook.com to check it out and place your order. Please bring this book to the attention of your friends, favourite bookstores and book clubs.

Failsafe is about hope and faith and the clear knowledge that we have the capacity to get things done. There is hope for future generations to occupy a healthy planet and faith in the human consciousness to change. There is faith that we beings can awaken to the miracle and beauty of all of life. Failsafe provides examples and guidance for transformation and change.

"Science and rationality can serve a changed consciousness, but they cannot create the structure and organizations needed for a new world order. They can only produce the same old formulas, fight the same old wars, now with newer and more destructive technologies. Changing the collective human consciousness is the key. Once consciousness changes to a foundation of clarity and compassion, then structure and organization will quickly be redefined, as intelligent responses to our social and environmental crises emerge from a different foundation of understanding." From Part Two: Failsafe in Consciousness

Failsafe is a critical response to Lovelock’s 2006 book “Revenge of Gaia” where he argues that the present self-regulating mechanisms of Gaia cannot be controlled by human agency. In the context of Global Warming and dire predictions for a habitable econiche for homo sapiens I present a Failsafe in Consciousness.

Can we fix the planet? This is the wrong question. Our present values and patterns of consumption are the architects of the present global ecological emergency. The right question is can we fix ourselves? I describe how consciousness expansion will be held in abeyance by wilful human ignorance until the global ecological situation deteriorates to a breaking point. This breaking point will then act as a catalyst, penetrating such ignorance and activating consciousness so it is propelled into expansion, deliberation and change.

I believe passionately in this book – as do David Suzuki, Grandfather William Commanda and many others. I request your help to get the word out about this important contribution for the survival of our selves and other species on this planet. Help me get it into bookstores and into the hands and minds of the general public.

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ThinkTankSquare said...

Thank you.
Will do my best but first will read it.
Based on your comments I agree. As do my wife.
Without having read your book yet I will make the leap of faith that your goal is binary: move the breaking point a little bit in time and helping create a slightly stronger/bigger core of people who will have idea of where to guide.

Looking forward to see you on Sunday.

Jacques Drolet